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30 Creative Houses Look like Human Face

  30 Creative Houses Look like Human Face

There are millions of homes and houses in the world which is similar to human face, Most of the tree house look like as a face of funny human architecture, When you see their front home design you feel the house is a person who smiles to see you. here we collect 30 best Human Inspiration houses which are funny, naughty and smily faces expressions some of the homes have face like a robot, some of them   are wooden window of the house are like eyes and some of them  mouth but they are doors in real life so 30 creative houses like an human face of imagination, manipulation.

Robot head. This house is similar to an a robot head their two lamps give better look to make robot.
Image Source : Zhuang77 

Gamer face. The home designer from a japanese comic or game artist look like game player.
Image Source : jili'm

Aloha. to see this house one thing i got my mind that the owner of this house must be happy guy.
Image Source : Jenguin

Angry House. This house looks like a angry man live inside.
Image Source : Houses with faces

Child face. this house is pretty cute like a child
Image Source : cheesemonster

Smile house. As you see in this house the window and one big window look like an house  smile.
Image Source : TheDentures

Dog face house. this house is absolutely look like a hairy dog face.
Image Source : Rust

Twin Face House. here are the one restaurant joined to the house like a husband & wife.
 Image Source : Marcel

Grandfather Old House.This is the oldest house even got some teeth.
Image Source : Jacob...K

Funky House. this house seems like an snow man which looks cool.
Image Source : SReed99342

Ghost Face. Real High Cheekbone style home.
Image Source : martinj13

Blue Human Room. Excellent shot and observation a really sad looking wall.
Image Source : Marcel

Haired House. The house is completely looking like a human being with half-covered-eye.
Image Source : mandragor.de

Happy House. It's happy and smiling house because of the full harvest!
Image Source : sekundo

Hausgesicht. Unique house with a unique face like a gingerbread of android.
Image Source : desisfad

Red Smile on Black Face. The natural beauty in which big face house.
Image Source : Isoflow

Sweet House. Again happy house come with joy with theirs expressions.
Image Source : TheDentures

Killing house. This house is situated in europe seems like dragon.
Image Source : Mama Zita

Watching House. As you see this house roofs have to eye windows like it watching us.
Image Source : Afri Ola

Alone In Forest. The face is telling that it's a old house where children's made their drawings.
Image Source : Mr Perry

Kotyo Face. This house looks exactly like the yellow Angry Bird's Face.
Image Source : Zio Paolino

Lion Face on The Wall. You Don't need a Bricked house to make a face.
Image Source : Courregesg

House Looking Right. Why This House Looking Right ?
Image Source : Sebisghosts

Monkey Face House. This front of the house is exact same as a monkey's face.
Image Source : eneko123

WhÖoo.. Face House. I think it see a beautiful girl and whistling.
Image Source : jackofgrey

Öoh!. A cute face bird house which have small eyes and mouth.
Image Source : Joseanavas

Smile House Face. This house in the city of nuremberg in souther Germany look like a church.
Image Source : Kosmonautica

Man Face House. it shows the windows space have an eyes made with painting on boards.
Image Source : Liz du canada

Ultra House. In Japan a house have funky style with red tie and white eyes.
Image Source : Troutfactory

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