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35 Best Android Home Screen Backgrounds

35 Best Android Home Screen Backgrounds

Find best Android home screen widget Background for your Android Smartphones, google android developers made Android market which have many clock widget and the weather widget for home screens many of them are free widgets Today we showcase you 35 best Android Smartphones widgets background it looks cool, elegant and eye catching look you can download these backgrounds from the image source link.     

Basic Green

Image Source : Vanessa

Basic Green  android background

Calm Hues 

Image Source : Vanessa

Calm Hues  android background


Image Source : dandylion7

Circles  android background


Image Source : Davidbknox

Clood  android background


Image Source : a-designs

Colors  android background

Creative SSC 12

Image Source : Florian

Creative SSC 12  android background

Drops of Circles 

Image Source : Jeemshah

Drops of Circles  android background

Galaxy S2 Desktop .092011

Image Source :  Kanjimittoo

Galaxy S2  android background

Getting Lost 

Image Source : Eddie

Getting Lost   android wallpaper


Image Source : Charsi Bevda

lapsus android wallpaper

Lonely Steet

Image Source : Vanessa

Lonely Steet  Android Wallpaper

MNML Colocircles 

Image Source : Garyarts

MNML Colocircles

Marvel Vs Capcom

Image Source : Max

Marvel Vs Capcom android wallpaper

Pixels & Sky 

Image Source : Fabricio

Pixels & Sky android wallpaper


Image Source : ex-slym

rainy android wallpaper


Image Source : Vipitus

Sketchy android wallpaper


Image Source : JUVS

Spher android wallpaper

The One with the Shelves

Image Source : Chris Banks 

The One with the Shelves android wallpaper


Image Source : Kimilite

deep android wallpaper


Image Source : amachongz

Arrow android wallpaper

Blue Skies

Image Source : Vipitus

Blue Skies android Wallpaper


Image Source : Aaron

Circles Android wallpaper

Crisp Winter

Image Source : oddspec

Crisp Winter android wallaper


Image Source : Syeive Desylvia

Evening  android wallaper


Image Source : sasa408

Fall android wallaper


Image Source : Myles

Ironman android wallaper


Image Source : Yihaomizhij

Line android wallaper

Living Room 

Image Source : rio 13

Living room android wallaper


Image Source : Kimilite

Misunderstood android wallaper

Mr. Grey 

Image Source : dandylion7

Mr. Grey  android wallpaper


Image Source : Morgan Britt

silence android wallpaper

Simple One 

Image Source : Nameee

simple one android wallpaper

Surf's Up

Image Source : Keesha

Surf's up android wallpaper


Image Source : Andreas Gillstrom

v21 android wallpaper


Image Source : Nathan Wallace

winter android wallpaper

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