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Google Launched Chromebook Pixel (Laptop)

Google Launched Chromebook Pixel (Laptop)

One of them has been number 1 best selling laptop on Amazon since 1st day google introduced chrome book pixel,  Chromebook is a laptop that brings together the best in hardware, software, and design to inspire future innovation. It's a cheap price laptop ($250). It's look like similar to apple's MacBook Pro but its specification higher than the MacBook Pro. Chromebook pixels is a 13' inch with 4.3 million pixels, this is the best display ever made out there. Chromebook pixels is best known for his browsing speed with a Multi - Touch screen with retina display. Check out the Google's Chromebook pixel details below.

Aluminium Finish Body with an Elegant Design

The Google chromebook pixel is fully silver aluminium alloy body to a tolerance, cooling vents are hidden , screw invisible with an elegant design. Pixels has an industry-leading WiFi range, its have two antennas and dual-band support. With LTE engineered directly into the machine, mobile download speed can reach up to 100Mbps.

Google chromebook pixel Aluminium Finish Body with a new Design

High resolution Multi-Touchscreen with Gorilla Glass

Let's talk about the display, Chromebook pixels have a higher display with 2560x1700. The pixel's display has the highest pixels per inch of any laptop screen with touch enabled. A layer of 0.55mm of Gorilla Glass  preserving the highest picture clarity, richest colors, and 178 degree viewing angles.

Google Chromebook pixel High resolution Multi-Touchscreen with Gorilla Glass

Backlight keyboard with Amazing Glass Touchpad

Now these days backlight are very important for keyboards people working on laptops late-night. Backlight in the screen and keyboard respond to both the room's ambient lighting and how pixel is being used. For e.g., when we are watching a 1080p video, the keyboard automatically dims to an appropriate level. & Glass touchpad feels more comfortable to other trackpads, Glass touchpad comes with a laser microscope for exceptional smoothness and accuracy. 

Google chromebook pixel Backlight keyboard with Amazing Glass Touchpad

Piano Hinge, Sleek Exterior with Chrome Logo Lightbar 

A piano hinge not only makes it possible to open and close pixel with a single finger, the front of the chromebook pixel have no logo sticker but a elegant chrome logo lighter just because it looks cool.

Chromebook pixel Piano Hinge, Sleek Exterior with Chrome Logo Lightbar

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