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Google Glass Has Arrived On Ebay But You Can't Buy Now

Google Glass Has Arrived On Ebay But You Can't Buy Now

Google is now making its glasses promised wearable computers. Yes Google has unveiled the first YouTube video taken with Google Glass Eyewear, They launched its project on Google+ or you can purchase on Google Glass official site, But their price is unexpected it stars from $1,500 and big thing is google glasses is arrived on ebay, the seller "Ed from Philadelphia" listed the google project glass on ebay last week, after one week the price has jumped from $1,500 to & $15,000. They tweet from Google "didn't have the google glass in the hands yet) had notified him he'd won the contest. After four more days bidding reached $95,300. But today Ed had to shut the auction down on ebay due to google terms and conditions.

"Ed from Philadelphia" wrote

The auction is being removed, due to finding out that google glass cannot be resold once obtained. Since I have not received anything other than confirmation from Google that I have been selected for the #ifihadglass contest, I was not given the term of service agreement that those who received the first batch did indicate the device could not be resold.

So, all of you who apparently have no life aside from posting in forums about this auction can sleep well tonight knowing that the glasses will not be sold. 

Sorry for being a recent college graduate that was hoping I could possibly resell my google glasses to help pay down my student dept. Yes, I am everything that's evil in the world. Anyway, nothing to see here anymore. Take a screen shot, it will last longer!

ebay google glass at US $15,225  can not afford

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