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Learn 10 Mind Blowing After Effects Tutorials

Learn 10 Mind Blowing After Effects Tutorials

There is much more stuff out there to learn adobe after effects, many of people loves to acquire knowledge of after effects either its VFX, 3D or motion graphics there main motive is to make a film in which lots of mind-blowing things who never seen in their whole life. In this post we share 10 most useful adobe cs3 to cs6 after effects tutorials from beginners to experts. There are lots of video tutorials on YouTube of after effects such is useless but with the help of these lessons you will be perfect in after effects software or VFX. So please share this tutorial with your friends or school pages with our sharing bar.

Create a highly detailed digital terrain scan

A great video tutorial for making 3D futuristic terrain scanner. In this tuts+ video tutorial requires after effects and Freeform v2 they create limited colors of displacement maps maps and use them to force out the 3D mountain like shapes.

Create a highly detailed digital 3d terrain scan

Throw a grenade in after effects

Grenade throw is an amazing video tutorial made by Andrew Kramer it is a well detailed tutorial in after effects They show how to use slow motion and explosive techniques to get original grenade blow throws.

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Creating and using masks in after effects

In this tutorial Andrew Davis tells how to mask in an efficient way using After Effects.  Andrew demonstrates the tools to quickly create masks in after effects along with the keyboard shortcuts needed to make the process fast and efficient.

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Put together a realistic composite 

This tutorial is made in Mac OS, to make this ultimate scene you need knoll light factory (optional), after effects. Here is the video of tutorial compositing tips space ship from the scene of district 9.

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Learn some basic effects in after effects

If you new user of after effects then this video tutorial is best for you to understand the functions of after effects cs5 and cs6. This is an excellent way to learn after effects, hope this video helps you a lot.

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How to create a dust devil with particles in After Effects

Tom Skelton is an expert in after effects show you how to use Trapcode particular and cc particle world to make a whirlwind dust effect entirely in post production, It is mainly used in films.

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Create Burn Sub Surface Skin effects

Learn how to skin burn effect, Andrew Kramer explains  how to create an illuminated skin effect, inspired by iron man 3.

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Pixel-Perfect camera move transition

Learn how to fly a camera around space in end up pixel perfect on a piece of video in space. Or Learn how to move video frame effect in a video.

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Become a storm chaser - Day 1 weather scene 

How to composite a tornado and unique point of view using only still pictures. This tutorial shows you how making a powerful tornado in the city.

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How to create a time tunnel effect in after effects 

In this tutorial Andy explains how to create a swirling tunnel effect inspired by the doctor who title sequence. This effect is more use in dreamy scenes or haunted  short films.


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