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10 Best Premium Cases for Apple iPhone 6

Since Apple launched the Apple iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, Buyers also need some of the best cases to protect their phones, We all know, recently apple iPhone 6 plus have a bend problem. So we decided to make your phone secure and dust free. We almost search tons of iPhone 6 cases on the web but few have that premium quality. Last time we gave you an amazing Casual Sleeve for iPhone 5 in which you can also customize your own. But this time every single wood case and covers of iPhone 6 made by handcrafted, handmade like grovemade or vajacases.
Most of the leather cases made with real animal skin like crocodile, ostrich and snake. So just look at these beautiful cases with a buy now link below. Hope you like it and don't forget to comment below post.      
10 Best Premium Cases for Apple iPhone 6

1. Top Flip Leather Case

This Smart, Robust and Beautiful iPhone 6 Case by Vaja. Lighter polycarbonate backbone with natural Argentinian leather. Two Precisely embedded magnets built into the leather securely holding the top flip to the back shell of your iPhone 6. 
Buy Now  - $90
Top Flip Leather Case iphone 6
The Best thing is you can Customize this case in their official Web Site with endless colors. Vaja uses the best leather for iPhone Cases, We must say when you hold this in your hand everyone appreciate.
Top Flip Leather Case iphone 6

2. Walnut iPhone Case

Grovemade introduces this attractive hand made Wooden Case for iPhone 6. Creating The Thinnest wood case possible with increased frame strength and durability. Ultra-thin oregon claro Walnut back adheres easily to your phone. 
Buy Now - $99
Walnut wood iPhone6 Case

3. Grip Leather Case

Another Epic design of Vaja Cases called Grip. An ultra thin backbone made with hard Polycarbonate, Covered with natural Argentian leather skin inside and out. An iPhone 6 leather case that's built to last. No doubt, the lightweight frame provides structure, stability and safety. Inside, your phone will be resting on a fully premium leather lined bed.  
Buy Now - $70
Grip Leather iphone 6 Case
Grip Leather Case iphone 6

4. tmbrwood Walnut Wood Case

Nice looking and great for safety tmbr. wood case made this to protect your iPhone 6. Lightweight and protective case for your iPhone 6. This case if Handcrafted and treated wood with durable polycarbonate is the perfect combination to keep your phone protected.
Buy Now - $26  
tmbrwood Walnut Wood Case iphone 6

5. Orbino Pantra 6 Cases in Ostrich & Crocodile Skin

Orbino has made its new collection of pure animal (Ostrich, Snake & Crocodile) leather Cases, number of different colors are available in this iPhone 6 cases, it's quite expensive, but if you are fashion freak you must buy this case.  
Buy Now - $189 - $399 
Orbino Pantra 6 Cases in Ostrich & Crocodile Skin iphone 6

6. AirMask iPhone 6 / 6 Plus By Switcheasy

AirMask offers a very unique 360ยบ protection in all areas which needs to be covered which includes the screen. The installation is absolutely fool proof and it only takes few seconds to apply. It is so light weight (10 grams) and 0.3mm thin, perhaps you won't even feel it when it's on your iPhone.
Available in three colors Champage Gold, Alu-Silver and Cosmin Gray
Buy Now - $24.99
AirMask iPhone 6 / 6 Plus By Switcheasy

7. Tones by SwitchEasy 

Set the tone for your iPhone 6, It has been designed to perfectly resemble the upcoming iPhone6 which will give it a secure, close fit. The case edge specially thickened with shock absorbent TPU, while the back pannel is protected with texturized pilycarbonate which offers long time protection.
Available in 3 more colors. 
Buy Now - $19 
Tones by SwitchEasy iphone 6

8. Wrap by SwitchEasy 

If you want a better protection to your iPhone and safely secure from dust, you'd better wrap it up. With its leather trimming, Wrap looks just like a traditional pocket journal and is a beautiful fusion of classic craftsmanship and art with modern technology and convenience. The case great functionality is that you can use this as a portrait and landscape views for typing and watching movies. 
Buy Now - $34.99

Wrap by SwitchEasy  iphone 6

9. Slim Armor CS by Spigen

The Slim Armor CS is a Card Slot Case for the iPhone 6 features a sliding back compartment that can hold up to 2 credit cards or IDs. It is constructed with the air cushion technology that gives extreme shock absorption and device protection. Unlike other card storage cases, the slim Armor CS does not look like a card storage case at first glance.
Buy Now - $39.99
Slim Armor CS by Spigen iphone 6 case

10. Nude by SwitchEasy 

Nude is an ultra thin protection solution unlike any other in the market. Its 0.6mm thin the beauty of a clear case, and NUDE is an excellent example of this. 
Buy Now - $24.99
Nude by SwitchEasy iphone 6 case

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