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12 Best Tattoo Fonts For A Name

Tattoos play an important role in our society and for good reasons. They express our believes, our views, and symbolize meaningful moments in our life. But that is not the only thing that makes them so special. They can also serve as a vehicle of showing our love and appreciation of someone that is important to us. It is not uncommon to see people getting a tattoo with a name of a person they love who passed away or is still a part of their life. When it comes to name tattoos it is very important to choose the right font for it in order to make it look stylish and beautiful. So what are the best tattoo fonts for a name that are available on the market? See below:

12 Best Tattoo Fonts For A Name

1.     Angilla Tattoo Font

The problem with a lot of fonts is that they are very difficult to read. If you want people not to know what your tattoo is saying, you can use different language for it. But why have a name tattoo that is in your language and nobody can read it? Angilla font solves that issue. It is beautifully designed font that will make your tattoo appreciated and loved by everyone who comes in contact with it. But that is not all, it is also free.
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Angilla Tattoo Font

2. Antlers Tattoo Font

Another great tattoo font that is free for personal use only. It comes with all lower case and upper case letters.  
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Antlers Tattoo Font  For A Name

3. Little Lord Tattoo Font

Over three million of fonts designed by Nick Curtis have been downloaded and enjoyed around the world. It is no surprise that one of them had to make this list. With availability for free use and great style,  this is one of the best fonts you can find for your name.
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Little Lord Tattoo Font for a name

4. High On Fire Tattoo Font

This is perfect font to make a statement and showcase your confidence. Only partially available for free, it is definitely worth it to purchase it for commercial use.
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high on fire 12 Best Tattoo Fonts For A Name

5. Precious Tattoo Font

If you are into calligraphy, then this might be just perfect font for you. It is available for free and has a very creative touch to it.
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precious 12 Best Tattoo Fonts For A Name

6. InuTattoo Tattoo Font

Created by Indonesian designer, with the help of this hype font you can showcase the name in a style.
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Inu 12 Best Tattoo Fonts For A Name

7.  Pentagon Tattoo Font

Pentagon can mean confidence and power. It is much different than other fonts on the list and this is what makes it special.
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Pentagon 12 Best Tattoo Fonts For A Name

8.  Head Case Tattoo

If you are looking for a tattoo that is a little bit different and stands out from the crowd, head case font will definitely help you with that. Free for personal use and designed by European professional.
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Head case 12 Best Tattoo Fonts For A Name

9.  VTC Nue Tattoo Script

This tattoo font is available free for non-commercial use and it is one of the most popular ones designed by respected designer in this field called Larry Yerkes.
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VTC Nue 12 Best Tattoo Fonts For A Name

10.  Shit Happens Tattoo Font

Some of the name tattoos don't look good because they don't have the right font that is being used. With Shit Happens font you can ensure that your tattoo is aesthetic and simple. Available for free for personal use.
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Shit happens 12 Best Tattoo Fonts For A Name

11.  Mardian Tattoo Font

Created by Vicky Mardian, this font is free for personal use only and can be a perfect fit for name tattooing.
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Mardian 12 Best Tattoo Fonts For A Name

12.  Original Gangsta Tattoo Font

If you want to feel like a gangster and showcase your name in that style, Original Gangsta font is a perfect for you. Font that means power and rebellion is perfect for anyone who wants to stands out in the crowd.
Download Font
Original 12 Best Tattoo Fonts For A Name

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