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25 Best Wallpapers For Moto Nexus 6

Google's new Smartphone Motorola Nexus 6 'Shamu' is a huge 5.96 inch display, it's a high pixel density 493 ppi on 2560x1440 resolution size Phone. For the massive background we give you 25 best wallpapers, So that your device look more dashing than before. All the HD Wallpapers are High Definition quality. Last time we give you 25 Best wallpapers for HTC Nexus 9 which are high rated on the web. You just now have to download it, with 1 single click.
Hope you like the collection.

25 Best Wallpapers For Moto Nexus 6

1. Italy Moon Night Wallpaper

Italy Moon Night Wallpaper

2. Nebraska Sunset Wallpaper

Nebraska Sunset Wallpaper

3. Valentine's Day Wallpaper

Valentine's Day Wallpaper

4. FireFlies Wallpaper

FireFlies Wallpaper

5. Paris Eiffel Tower Wallpaper

Paris Eiffel Tower Wallpaper

6. Romantic Couple Walk Wallpaper

Romantic Couple Walk Wallpaper

7. London Ferris Wheel Wallpaper

London Ferris Wheel Wallpaper

8. Natural Scape Wallpaper

Natural Scape Wallpaper

9. Rome Street Wallpaper

Rome Street Wallpaper

10. Maldives Island Resort Wallpaper

Maldives Island Resort Wallpaper

11. Road Wallpaper

Road Wallpaper

12. Bee On Beautiful White Flower Wallpaper

Bee On Beautiful White Flower Wallpaper

13. Universe Color's Wallpaper

Universe Color's Wallpaper

14. VFX Wallpaper

VFX Wallpaper

15. VFX 2 Wallpaper 

VFX 2 Wallpaper

16. Blue Technology Texture Wallpaper

Blue Technology Texture Wallpaper

17. Black Steel Board Wallpaper

Black Steel Board Wallpaper

18. Blue Beautiful Sky Wallpaper

Blue Beautiful Sky Wallpaper

19. Red Sun Flower Wallpaper

Red Sun Flower Wallpaper

20. Creamy pie Cake Wallpaper

Creamy pie Cake Wallpaper

21. Beautiful Flowers in Park Wallpaper

Beautiful Flowers in Park Wallpaper

22. Deep Blue Flower Wallpaper 

23. Pink Sunset Wallpaper

Pink Sunset Wallpaper

24. Coins Gambling Wallpaper

Coins Gambling Wallpaper

25. Map Wallpaper

Map Wallpaper

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