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5 New Features You Need To Know In Android M

Last month Google has officially announced their upcoming Android M at its Google I/O press conference. And they still don't tell their secret what's M stands for, but most of the rumours on web saying it's Marshmallow.
In Latest version of android lollipop we saw lots of new features and changed the whole operating system to material design. This year google launch some new features in Android M which you can update your Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 this September or later worldwide. So have a look on upcoming android M new feature updates.

1. Google Now on Tap 

Google now is the best features of Android lollipop, with touch and hold on circle navigation bar it appears and you can search everything in your phone and web.
With Android M google made this even better a new feature came insted of Google now called Google Now on Tap. Simply the same long pressing the home button will bring this up, and Google Now will read whatever is on the screen and find info relative to what's being displayed. Everything from locations, movies, movie times, nearby restaurants, phone numbers and many more things.

2. Fingerprint Device Unlock 

Now Android officially support fingerprint like iPhone 6, allows to unlock your phone through your fingerprint. If you purchase any app in Google play store you can use fingerprint instead of password. Make your phone secure with new this new feature.

3. Android Pay 

Android pay is exactly same like apple pay, you can pay your bill into the store through your android smartphone with a single tap, like you go for shopping in Macy's store and you forget your wallet you can simply select your card in android pay and buy your stuff.

4. New App Drawer

Google Now launcher has changed the style of their app drawer. This drawer now scroll vertically with alphabet letters apps, on the top search bar is available.
Google has also changed their RAM manager in android M with the aim of providing users with more accurate and comprehensible information regarding the maximum and average RAM usage of apps.

5. Dark Theme

In Android M now offering Dark Theme in developer options. In lollipop you can only change the keyboard theme now you can change the setting menu which looks nice and elegant on nexus devices.

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