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Analysing The Performance Of AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard

People have always considered partitioning of the disk as a matter of ruckus. You generally tend to run to some computer service centre for getting your hard drive partitioned. But, with AOMEI, it is now easy and secure.

Analysing The Performance Of AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard

AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard is a software that helps in managing disk partition. It is power packed software that comes with several amazing features and is already well reputed worldwide among users. The main advantage being that it is a free software. With the re-sizing feature, you can change the size of the partition without data loss. The free space can be reallocated easily from one disk to another. It has an ‘extend partition wizard’ which can extend the NTFS partition without a restart of the system. Combining two partitions into one and splitting a bigger partition into two smaller ones can be done without any difficulty by the software.

Creating new partitions, deleting the useless ones and formatting the data on a particular partition have never been so easy. AOMEI does all this in few clicks. With the copy disk and copy partition features, you can clone a disk and partition from one location to the other respectively. The operating system can be readily migrated to solid-state-drive or even a new hard disk drive thus making the system fast. These migrations do not require reinstalling everything again. If you want to know how to migrate os to ssd, learn more about the benefits of this software.

The convert feature helps you in converting the Dynamic Disk to a Basic one without any data loss. You can also safely convert between primary and logical partitions. Making complete use of your disk space can be achieved by converting MBR (Master Boot Record) to GPT (Globally Unique Identifier Partition Table) disk. Alternately, GPT disk is not supported in all versions of windows and hence a conversion of GPT to MBR disk is done by the software. You can also switch between NTFS and FAT32 partitions without losing any data.

It helps you in creating a Windows PE bootable media and prevents the native operating system from getting damaged due to any wrong operation performed by you or any other reason. This amazing software also gives you the option to align, hide/unhide, recover and wipe off the partitions. It keeps an eye on your hard drives and informs you of any bad sector in the disks. However, it does not repair the bad sector. The drive letter which is the alphabet allotted to any drive for recognition purpose can also be changed and you can set the letters according to your own preference.

Initializing a new disk added to the machine is also performed by the software. It allows you to alter the partition serial number without reformatting the hard drive. Checking partitions for any error in the file systems is done by the software and it also fixes those errors. You can also conveniently set a partition as active and it will help you to be sure about the security of your data.
Merge partitions windows 10 
The AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard runs on Windows 10/Windows 8.1/8/Windows 7/Vista/XP, Windows 2000 Pro SP4. The file systems supported by the software includes NTFS, FAT32/FAT16/FAT12, exFAT and many others. It has got many other additional features as well. To learn more about the software and get details about the hardware requirements, supported device types and supported technologies you can click here
To avail all these amazing benefits you can download the software here.

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