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Grab Xiaomi Mi4i Phablet at Smart Rates on Volumebest

Grab Xiaomi Mi4i Phablet at Smart Rates on Volumebest

Are you a tech-geek and looking to get your hands on some of the latest gadgets? The XIAOMI MI4I phablet is one of the trending gadgets at the moment. With a 5 inches sharp 1080p display, the resolution offered by this phone is surely going to leave you impressed. This phablet offers a resolution of 441 pixels per inch. Apart from this, it runs on 2nd gen QUALCOMM snapdragon processor and has a 615 octa core processor as well. This gives you an idea of how amazingly this phone is built and the kind of power packed performance which one can get as well.

Where Can You Buy This?

Grab Xiaomi Mi4i Phablet at Smart Rates on Volumebest
Volume-best is one of the top portals for those who are looking to grab the best deals on some of the finest tech products because the price can be really affordable. This site is the ultimate shopping destination for gadget lovers as it allows you to buy high quality products at low costs. The main target base for volume best is global wholesale buyers.
Rest assured that the products will be thoroughly checked for quality assistance and they also assure you of the lowest price as well. "Volumebest.com is a Gearbest website" and prides itself on offering the rare blend of best quality and low price.
You can get more details about the XIAOMI MI4I phablet on their website itself. It is available in the unlocked mode. If you want to know more about the specifications which this phablet has to offer, here are some interesting points about it.

Stunning camera quality

Grab Xiaomi Mi4i Phablet at Smart Rates on Volumebest
In this picture crazy world where everyone is busy taking too many selfies and uploading it on social media, the XIAOMI MI4I phablet is a treat to have. It comes with a 13 MP camera and an intelligent two tone flash as well. The f/2.0 allows you to take some phenomenal blur background effects which will jazz your pictures. Even when you are in a dimly illuminated area, the camera will allow you to take the best shots. If you are a crazy selfie obsessed queen, it pays to know that the front camera is 5 MP and so your dream of taking that selfie which makes people go aw is pretty high

Talk twice

Grab Xiaomi Mi4i Phablet at Smart Rates on Volumebest
Dual sim has become almost a necessity because most people like to keep their personal and professional life separate. If you too are looking to enjoy the advantage of two sims, feel free to opt for this model. It comes with 4G dual sim and has a dual standby mode as well. As both the slots support 4G SIM, you can take ultra fast internet wherever you go. The phone also has some very intelligent dual sim features which make it an awesome buy.
So, all these features must definitely make you feel that you too would want to own this perfect beast. Grab awesome deals by checking out what volume best has to offer for bulk purchase of this stylish gadget. No doubt, you will be amazed at the awesome deal!

Buy This Xiaomi Mi4i at Volumebest just $222.18 

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