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Casio's $500 Adventure Android Wear Smartwatch

This is the new and first android wear smartwatch by Casio called "Smart Outdoor Watch" worth $500. We all love adventure and sports gear for adventurous trip, This smartphone watch is worth buying to every adventure lover. The 1.32-inch 320 x 320 display screen reminds you your sporty look of G-shock watch. Its a dual layer TFT LCD with monochrome mode that can extend battery life from from a day to a month. This smartwatch offers a wealth of useful for outdoor activities such as trekking, cycling and fishing.

Casio's $500 Adventure Adroid Wear Smartwatch

Experience With Three Best Adventures

Casio's $500 Adventure Adroid Wear Smartwatch
The new Casio smart outdoor watch, the WSD-F10 is best for trekking while staying connected to  your smartphone, built-in sensors helps you give best directional, atmospheric conditions.   
Casio's $500 Adventure Adroid Wear Smartwatch
Keep going, enjoy care-free trekking and check the current outdoor conditions, the Casio's smartwatch receives automatic notification of sunrise/sunset times.
The display the altitude remaining from your current position to the goal, the elapsed time and your travel speed in real time.
Casio's $500 Adventure Adroid Wear Smartwatch

Whether on familiar roads or unknown highways place, ride with care-free confidence.
You can track your bicycle speed, distance and time on your wrist without taking out your smartphone. 
Casio's $500 Adventure Adroid Wear Smartwatch
You can also track your destination on map to call up the best route. If you get lost or want to change the route, simply conduct a quick, easy voice-activated search on Google maps. 
Casio's $500 Adventure Adroid Wear Smartwatch  


Get notified the best times to cast off. Let a reliable guide navigate you to better fishing.
Select your fishing method to suit the activity of the fish as indicated by the atmospheric pressure tendency and high and low tides on the day.
Casio's $500 Adventure Adroid Wear Smartwatch
Your movements provide you full functionality in atmospheric pressure and the ebb and flow of the tides. Your watch informs you when the fish are active and fishing is at its best. 
Casio's $500 Adventure Adroid Wear Smartwatch
Pictures Source - Casio
You can buy this smartwatch from  Amazon
Now watch the official video of Casio's WSD-F10

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