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Disk Drill - Perfect Solution for Recovering Deleted Files

No need to suffer heart attacks anymore at the sight of accidentally deleting important files from your computer. With Disk Drill data recovery software by your side, you can easily recover those files within seconds of deleting them. It is a data recovery app designed for Mac and Windows. Disk Drill engages in quick deep scans, discovers lost partitions and enables the Recovery Vault to recover and keep your data protected from the dangers of getting deleted permanently.

The Salient features of Disk Drill are as follows.
Disk Drill - Perfect Solution for Recovering Deleted Files

  • Runs Deep Scans 
Disk Drill runs quick and deeper scans to recover your data from all the sources possible. When a file is deleted, only the name marked is removed while its contents are still there within the drive. Deep scan takes only a few seconds to bring a list of recently lost files to you.
The Disk Drill's scanning module is familiar with more than 200 file signatures, hence, increasing the chances of recovering a lost file.
  • Recovery Vault Protection
A file can be deleted due to multiple reasons such as, power failure, partition damage, virus attack, accidentally emptying Recycle Bin, etc. Therefore, by enabling the Recovery Vault feature you can protect your data from accidental deletions and from the fear of losing permanently. The Recovery Vault keeps your files safe & sound by keeping a copy of their properties whenever you delete them from your computer.
  • One Stop Solution For All Storage Devices 
Disk Drill recovery software is not limited to only recovering lost files from your laptops or computers but is a universal one. It can recover deleted data from any storage device, be it memory cards, hard drives, digital camera or USB drives. It will choose the best required recovery method automatically and free you from any worries.
The new updated version -Disk Drill 2.0 is now available with upgraded features for data recovery.

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