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How I Make Money Online While Traveling The World

Hi my name is Siddharth Nagi and today i write about myself, how i earn or make money online while I'm traveling the world. I love to travel of course every one does but they don't have much time to leave their successful business. But what if you have online business, you can do everything online, just you need your laptop and internet. Internet will be provided in any hotel. So my lots of friends and relatives asks me how i make money? How you can spend lots of money, we never saw you doing any job? My answer is simple "blogging"
This is what i have, i just write on my blog HDpixels.net and people reads my posts.
Then they ask me another question But how you can earn money through blogging?
My answer is simple "Advertisements"
Yes guys i earn money from advertisements my most of the income comes from Affiliate Marketing, Sponsored Posts and Google Adsense.
J.W Marriott Hotel Chandigarh (India)

Even if I'm sleeping I'm making money, Blogging is a worldwide platform everyone can see what you do, what you write about. In the current time many famous bloggers making money more that $10k in one month.      
So you don't have to worry anyone can make money when you are traveling
Lets find out how!

How I Make Money Online While Traveling The World
 Yellow Boat in Dubai Marina (UAE)

Make a Blog on Wordpress

For earning money online you have to make a blog on WordPress, here you can learn how to make a blog on wordpress easily. Writing a blog is my hobby and learning new things is my passion i always shared my knowledge to my readers in this blog, so they can understand how cool this job is. If you can't give something they will not come and see your posts. So it's better to give something so that you can take something. Find your interest what you like most and write it on that because you never get tired if you have interest in it. 
How I Make Money Online While Traveling The World wordpress


Recently i started a youtube channel for my side business, usually many companies offered me their products for promotion on this blog. So now i will make videos of them and upload it on youtube. I earn $1 to $2 for every 1000 views from adsense. So people search a lot of videos on youtube like 5 best iPhone and iPad USB Flash drives So i recommend you to make some videos and upload it on youtube, it is best way to make money when you are traveling.
Suppose if you are in a vacation in dubai and you saw something fascinating thing you can record it in your phone and upload it in your channel, i went to dubai few months back i saw amazing fountain show in dubai mall, ride in land cruiser at desert safari, saw Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is located in Abu Dhabi, i can share some picture here so that you also can trust me :)
How I Make Money Online While Traveling The World dubai
     Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi

Affiliate Marketing 

In HDpixels i promote many products and in few products i added my affiliate link, that helps me to make money. But how? If anyone go to that link and purchase that product i get little commission from that product. Buyer price will remain same if you purchase from my link or not. So it's best way to make money while I'm traveling.   

Capture Photographs and Sell it Online  

If you don't have a professional Camera then go and purchase it for amazing photography, because you can sell your every photos online. This is my another way to make money while in traveling, I capture some landscape views and sell it on various website you can sign up few site like ShutterStock, iStock and PhotoShelter.    

Online surveys

There are many online survey companies that can allow you to make money if you sign up for them you can earn in between $10 to $500 in one month survey company i recommend.
Swagbucks It is free to join, free to use,the more you sign up the more you earn money

Buy Unique Products There & Sell In Your Country. 

4 years back i went to Thailand I stayed in Bangkok there are many Indians buying electronics, T.V led. Because the price is very low almost Rs. 10,000 difference in 32'inch Television if we convert that in US dollars that will be almost $155. So you can buy from there and you can sell it in your country.
How I Make Money Online While Traveling The World
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