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10 Days In Russia My Travel Guide

Traveling is the most important part of my life, i traveled a lot and i love to explore new countries every year, in my last post i talked about making money while traveling and now I'm writing about my Russia trip.

In russia i visited two beautiful cities moscow and siant petersburg.
Life is more beautiful when you have no tensions in your mind, making money is not so easy but not as difficult. My single penny income came from online. i never counted cash and i never deal in cash   Youtube and google is most probably everywhere internet has a power anyone can find me on internet and read and watch me anywhere in the world.
In russia i clicked many photos from my nexus 6p and i shared on my Instagram stories most of the russian girls follow me because of russia pictures. And sometimes you get some business queries from russia, that how i start making money. Just look how i took one picture at moscow university of furper case.

Remember if you use megafon sim in saint petersburg you get roaming rates it's better buy new sim in saint petersburg. Otherwise you will get 0 balance in few minutes.
When i exit from airport many taxi driver came to me and ask me about taxi. But that's quite expensive.

But i have no choice i can't use my phone that moment, also i have US dollars, in airport rubble currency is extremely expensive so i gave some US dollars to taxi driver.

I came to Hilton hotel and check-in my room, i sleep 2 hours at-least flight is long in the early morning need some rest, and then getting ready to explore Moscow.
I asked receptionist tell me nearby bank location where i can get good rates of rubble.
it's almost 5 min of walk from my hotel, 10:30 am we will change the currency to rubble in good rates.
So first thing i do when i reach to moscow, buying a new cell phone sim card (Megafon) for international calls or internet. 

The best part of my russia trip is weather, yes i really like the cold weather and I'm enjoying it sometimes rain sometimes sunny.
I'm with my 3 friends stayed in Hilton hotel,  we went to saint basil's cathedral through metro and when i visited there metro station i blown away, i never seen such a beautiful stations before they are remarkable.

When we reach red square everything is nearby, that's the main center of moscow.
my hotel is 20 kms from red square so we buy troika card from metro and use metro for local travel.
Moscow metro app is in my phone i can change there language to English, it's the best and easy to find any station on app if you forget to pick metro map from station.
So when i reached Saint basil's cathedral i took many pictures and walk around the cathedral and gone to GUM Shopping Mall which is left hand side when you see the cathedral.
Gum is the most popular mall in moscow and from outside and inside it's the most beautiful mall i ever seen.
I'm a Indian and i love Indian food even I'm in abroad, i visited Darbaars restaurant and eat there special dal makhani, fish and kadhai chicken which is totally worth it. I love to go again

KEEP in Touch Will update this post soon. 

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