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FitBit Smart Watch Review: Specification, Price And More

All of us become highly health aware, with all the interactions around exercises that keeps us fit have become our priority. Starting with gym, yoga, Zumba there are so many activities that we indulge in to keep in shape. People earlier were involved in a lot of physical activities as a part of their daily chores which is not the case with us.

The jobs and the competition does not allow us to get involved in regular physical activities and thus we have set aside special time for exercise. What helps us in this quest is a simple gadget called Fitbit Smart Watch that is designed to keep track of the heart beats and a lot more when one is exercising. It is very well-designed products that look cheek and works wonders. It is an active reminder of the physical activities which one has participated in or missed as the case may be.

FitBit SmartWatch (2018) detailed specification and analysis

There is no surprise that FitBit has become a name synonymous to fitness tracker and with the launch of the smart watch it is all set to own the market.  The main reason what makes it so popular is the price at which it is offered compared to the other products in the market the apple watch FitBit is highly affordable and comes with mostly comparable features. It comes with breakthrough features and is costly from the predecessors but when compared to the latest in the market it is a highly popular fitness product.
The range of the smartwatch starts from Rs 10,500 Plus and for attractive discounts one can check the available flipkart offers. These discounts include attractive exchange offer, No Cost EMI option, discount on credit cards etc. There are different variants available whose price vary accordingly.

FitBit Smart Watch design & display

The product is designed keeping the comfort in mind. The watch can be worn throughout the day and not just when you are exercising. This means that it is light on the wrist and designed in a way that it is comfortable for longer wear. When you will wear it lightweight is the first thing that you will notice. It is waterproof which means that when you involve in any water sport you do not have to take it off.
The body is made of aluminum and there are reallysmall antenna bands on the sides. The buttons are placed on the sides which are a little elevated. The buttons are raised so that it is easy operating them with sweaty hands which is common when one is exercising.  It also has touch screen options and has a really friendly user interface. The buyers can choose from plastic or leather strap. The common preference for health enthusiast is the plastic strap but the leather one looks just fine.

The shape of the screen is rectangular and is it full-coverage. The watch displays colored content and the screen size is bigger than most of the watches in competition including the apple watch. Something that annoys the user is the largely placed logo on the front screen which leaves the display screen size limited.
The screen comes with brightness adjustment which can be increased to 1000 nits. The size of the screen is 384X250mm. While workout it can be adjusted to brighter when in broad daylight to see the display clearly. The touch screen sometimes takes time to respond which might be a little turn off especially when one is exercising.

FitBit Smart Watch performance and battery life

It is claimed that the product stays active for 5 days after a single charge. It is active day and night and even sends out reminders to continue the left off activities. It has hi-resolution screen that offers many color display. It has high performance guaranteed even with continuous operations which are synced with your smart phones.
It comes with high apps compatibility and works well with all iOS, this is when you are syncing your smartphone with the device.  It, however, comes with limited space which is still enough for the activities it involves in. One thing that you might miss is the pwersonalization option which is missing from this device.

FitBit Smart Watch features
The watch is loaded with smart features and is suitable for all forms of outdoor and indoor physical exercise.
  • The best feature is the heart rate tracker that keeps the health in check. It is tested and considered highly accurate.
  • It also has a built-in GPS which allows you to track the route and also calculates the pace, distance and time. It is great to have the data for analyses after a long run or a workout.
  • There is a fitness coach option which provides step-by-step instructions and coaching. This is displayed on the screen and can be custom designed according to the needs.
You can be using many combinations exercising and for that there is a multi-sport feature which allows you to choose from the various exercises that you indulge in. You can pause the tracker if you have taken a break and start it again without losing any data; this comes in handy when you have stopped at any signal or for any other work. You will not lose the data and will get an accurate output of the workout. You can create goals and check summaries on the watch to see the progress you have made all week.

FitBit Smart Watch comparison
Your FitBit watch will provide you great features in comparison to the Apple 3 watch. The only difference is you will not be able to take calls. When you are paying a lot lesser price then it might not seem like a lot. When you are exercising and you want to focus just on it then the distraction kept away is best.

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