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My Chocolate Pasta Story

For a long time, I have believed that cooking doesn’t take a genius. I always thought that cooking food is a piece of cake because you have a recipe book and you have the details and wham you have the dish.
Very sadly, my whim was shattered and broken when I first tried my hand at pasta. I am a hard core fan of Italian food and I could live on pizza and pasta alone. However, when I had gone to stay at a hostel, the kind of food which I was served made me look like a starved hungry dog.
Even today, I am often stuck by nightmares of how terrible the food was and in that desperation, I thought of donning a chef’s hat. I logged on to the internet and quickly picked a really delicious and lip smacking recipe of pasta.

As I was perusing through it, I scratched my head too many times and ended up calling my mom.

“Mom, how do you make it look so simple?”
“What happened dear? What are you talking about?”
“Pasta, mom. Food. Cooking. You gave me a wrong illusion that it is a piece of cake but here I am sweating profusely because I don’t know the endless spices which are a part of this recipe. Seriously, my engineering syllabus looks to be a lot easier than this god damn pasta.”

I sobbed on the phone and whined like a little baby. I was craving for her authentic pasta which could make me forget the rest of my troubles. I am a regular at Pizza hut but there was just something about cooking your own stuff. I wanted to feel that power of knowing that I gave birth to the whole damn delicious pasta and it was all mine.
“Mom, I really want to make this, please guide me. I can’t stay on this hostel food for long. Tell me your magic recipe and if I cook pasta half as good as you, I will be able to cherish the true bliss I have been longing for.”
Mom knew me better than I know myself and so she asked me to give up my stubbornness and gave me directions to downloading TinyOwl App on my phone.


I already had TinyOwl on my iPhone because it is one of the easiest ways to order food and to know the trending restaurants which could really paint a huge smile on my face.
However, as I insisted to help me out, she started narrating the instructions. I ended up spilling a lot of food and my kitchen cabinet looked very much like a murder scene. When my mom asked me to put in a little milk to the paste, I ended up spilling chocolate and no you can’t judge me because hello first of all it was 12 in the night and secondly, I had attended all my lectures that day which was truly an exception and thirdly I had never quite detested cooking so much in my whole life and fourthly, if you are still looking for another reason, I am ready to kill you right here right now.
I panicked instantly because the moment I poured in chocolate syrup, I shouted and screamed and my mom laughed when she heard of my mistake. She advised me to dump the whole thing down and use TinyOwl to place an order. I placed an order but I decided to be a strong warrior and taste what it felt like.

My Chocolate Pasta Story
 I thought it would look like this, but quite frankly, it didn’t come close.
Trust me when I say pasta is best served with chocolate. Now, it wasn’t something of the standards of Vikas Khanna but it was a different taste and something which lingered on my mouth for long.
My Chocolate Pasta Story
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Do you have an interesting food story to share too? I bet, mine was the best and the worst you would have heard.

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