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Best HD Wallpapers for Mac Download Wizard app

Does your MacBook screen looks boring? Are you in a constant search for amazing, HD
wallpapers for your Mac screen? Well, fret no more as your solution lays with the Wallpaper
Wizard appUsers can either download/purchase it from here: https://wallwiz.com/ or use it within Setapp once/if they create a Setapp subscription, which allows you to access thousands of brilliant desktop wallpapers at one place. 
It can be downloaded from Setapp.com - your one-stop solution to have all the great apps at one place without any stores or in-app purchases. You can subscribe to Setapp for a fee of $10 per month and can get access to a myriad of hand-picked, neatly grouped useful apps.

Now, let's talk about what actually is Wallpaper Wizard app. Wallpaper Wizard app, available on Setapp.com, is an application with a curated list of gorgeous HD desktop wallpapers for your Macbook. Be it hypnotic backgrounds or scenic mountain landscapes, at Wallpaper Wizard, you will get every possible wallpaper available that you wish to set. Take a look at some of the key features of Wizard Wallpaper app by reading below - 

1) A collection of top-notch HD Wallpapers

Forget about simple looking, low resolution wallpapers! You will only be gifted with top-notch HD wallpapers which will turn your boring Mac screen into a livelier one.

2) Storage of 25k+ images

Wallpaper Wizard has a massive storage of around 25k+ wallpaper options and the numbers are growing. So, you will run of out new & exciting wallpapers.

3) Save your best wallpapers in the Favorites folder

You can save the wallpapers you like the most in the Favorites section. This way, you can always have an easy access to your best-picked wallpapers.

4) HD 4k quality retina-ready pictures

Image resolution matters a lot. Hence, all the pictures available in this app are of HD 4k quality along with being retina-ready.

5) Automatic new wallpapers

Just add your favorite wallpapers to a section called Roll and set the duration, how often you want to change them.

6) Mutli-display also on offer

You can either use the same wallpaper for all your displays or can even set different wallpapers for different displays.

So hurry up and check Wallpaper Wizard available for download here: https://wallwiz.com/!

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