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Google Employee Capturing Photos Via LG Nexus 5

On Sep 3 Google just update android website with a new cool new version of android 4.4 kitkat officially. And perhaps upload a brand new kitkat themed android-statue release video on YouTube, with lots of google headquarters employees but if you check out the promotional video of android kitkat 4.4 you see there's a man wearing brown color T-shirt who capturing photos on google's new nexus 5 at around 38 seconds.

Google employee Capturing Photos Via LG Nexus 5

Take a look in zoomed it is clear that nexus 5 is bigger than nexus 4 and have an ultimate big camera lens with a horizontal nexus big logo but google announced nexus 5 release on Oct 31 so wait till October. 

Google employee Capturing Photos Via LG Nexus 5 leaked photo

This is the video of the unveiling of the android 4.4 kitkat statue


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