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25 beautiful Examples of Animated .Gif portraits photography a.k.a Cinemagraphs

So today we're going to showcase you some beautiful examples of animated .GIF portrait photography a.k.a cinema-graphs these high quality photos .GIF artwork with the use of subtle motion.
Jamie Beck & Kevin Burg have been making quite a splash this year with their cinemagraph technique just like the magical newspaper from the most popular Hollywood movie Harry Potter.

This .GIF animated photos combining still photography & video to unfreeze a photo in time.
These moving .GIF photography has been attracting like live photo   
For more inspiration cinemagraphs visit From me to you & Editor Simon

What is Cinemagraph ? cinemagraph are still photographs in which a minor & repeated movement occurs, Which are usually made in an animated.GIF format.
It was introduced by a New York fashion photographer Jamie Beck with the motion graphics designer Kevin Burg. 

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