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10 Best Awareness Advertisements Posters on HIV AIDS

Image source : LilyMachine

Millions of people in the world have been infected with Human immunodeficiency virus also know as HIV, this disease damages or kills & other cells, and the body becomes prey to a wide range of disease-causing microbes. When HIV has destroyed enough white blood cells, the body is no longer able to fight off many infections and person being to get sick.
Here We Upload some Better advertisements about AIDS Awareness & against AIDS
This AIDS ads for those people who are infected with HIV. Every pictures have given a little message for
diseases peoples.
"AIDS is not just God's Punishment for homosexuals, It is God's punishment for the society that tolerates homosexuals".

Image source : Fizzerooni

Image source : canhur

Image source : HorrorRudey

Image source : nickenglishdesign 

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Image source : MarkVasilkov

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Image source : Israel Aids Task Force

Image source : Protect Youself

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