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Google Adsense 300 x 600 Large Skyscraper Ad (Review)

Adsense size (300 x 600) Skyscraper Ad unit

Since 2012 We have used only two ads on HDpixels, 1st is Square (250 x 250) and the 2nd one is Banner (468 x 60). We got a mail from google Adsense for apply a new ad unit you showing only two ads in your site,  Then we choose Large Skyscraper (300 x 600) for our large space and 1 link unit, display 4 links ad (468 x 15) google introduced large skyscraper (300 x 600) recently in 2013 after a lots of Adsense publisher request. This is the largest ad unit size of google Adsense, after we using this our revenue is like double, but some time the (300 x 600) ad unit is not showing some of our posts because the resone its a new ad unit format on google Adsense you need to wait for there ad requests,
it almost half ur page cover with ad those who have wide scraper (160 x 600) ad unit on their website or blogs they should try this new ad unit Large Skyscraper. 

HDpixels Ad Unit (300 x 600) Screen Shot

Google Adsense 300 x 600 Large Skyscraper Ad (Review)

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