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38+ Top Must have Apps For Android 2013

38+ Top Must have Apps For Android 2013

Here we show you 38+ Best Google android market Apps of 2013 that must have in your Smartphone,  like Wikipedia app, YouTube video app, google search or translator and many more. When you are buying a new android mobile you find the best apps to download on your phone and install it, Android apps are now these days very demanding, because android is a most popular platform of Operating system, you can now watch movies, read articles or purchasing online through android phones or tablets like nexus 10. All the 38+ android apps is essential for your phone So get your favorite app to go through our link and download it through google play store official. 

Wikipedia Android App

Wikipedia is the World most popular free encyclopedia containing more than 20 million articles in 280 languages, and it is also vast and detailed used reference work human knowledge and get informed.

Wikipedia Android App

Google Search Android App

The Google search app is integrated on most of the Android Smartphones, it is the fastest, easiest way to find what you need on the web and on your device, Google search second name is google now you can search with your own voice to your device with the help of google now.

Google Search Android App

Blogger Android App

As you know blogger is the most popular blog platform where you can make your website absolutely free. In this blogger android app you can same thing do which you can do with PC's or Laptops, Compose a post, adds labels and location information etc.  

Blogger Android App

NQ Call Blocker Android App

Block your unknown call by using a NQ call blocker, your Smartphone, You have many contacts saved in your phone but some of your friends daily call you and irritates you, So this is the best option instead of answering phone calls.  

NQ Call Blocker Android App

Chrome Browser Android App

Google chrome is one of the best and fastest browser on the internet or on the web we also use this browser while we are at Smartphone nexus 4 or using the MacBook pro.

Chrome Browser Android App

True Caller Android App

True Caller is basically searching for names and numbers globally on your Smartphone. Know it who calling you when any unknown caller calls you it appears name and address of caller person on your phone display.
True Caller Android App

Evernote Android App

Make your notes and stay advanced with Evernote android app, it is the most popular Android app. Evernote is an easy-to-us free app helps you to save your files to a new server online. Evernote is easy to sync your notes and pictures on your computer or laptop.
Evernote Android App

Facebook Android App

As a Facebook user you must have this android app, over 6 million android users have this app in there android Smartphones. Get notified when friends like and comment on your posts.
Facebook Android App

Facebook Messenger Android App

Connect with your Facebook friends with Facebook messenger, Now chat head allows you to a pop-up friend picture on your screen when he/she send a message to you.

Facebook Messenger Android App

Flickr Android App

The flick is the best way to share your life into professional photography, Flickr inbuilt photo filters like instagram or enhance option for your photo, you can share your photography with your Facebook, twitter friends and followers.   
Flickr Android App

Google Drive Android App

Google drive is kind of dropebox server where you can store or saved your data and files online with your gmail account. Use this app for to access your photos, documents, videos and other stuff.
Like google said "Keep everything shares anything".
Google Drive Android App

Google Maps Android App

Google maps is the best maps in this world, it makes easy your path or way and navigate your destination where you want to go. Voice guide integrated with 3D building maps, live traffic information, street view and many other things.

Google Maps Android App

Gmail Android App

Gmail is the most usable app on your Android Smartphones, with this android app you can sign in your gmail account or compose a mail or read your gmail Inbox. You can now manage multiple gmail account to view or save your file attachments. 

Gmail Android App

Skype Android App

Skype is a free calling platform in this world, with the help on this Skype phone app you can call everywhere in this world with your Skype account. Not only voice calls but also video calling available for Smartphones over 3G or WiFi.

Skype Android App

Album Art Grabber Android App

The album art grabber is very useful for music lovers many of songs do not have album covers, with this app you can change your album art or save for that track or song in which you want.

Album Art Grabber Android App

Google Keep Android App

Google keeps releasing recently on google play, you can quickly capture what in your skull and recalls it easily wherever you are, google keeps saving your notes with photos or also have feature of record your audio clip google keep connected with your gmail account. 

Google Keep Android App

ShopSavvy Android App

Shop-savvy android app finds the right product at the best price cost, the original, faster scan, most accurate and comprehensive scanner an Android Smartphones.

ShopSavvy Android App

Google Gesture Search Android App

Google gesture searches your apps quickly access to your finger touch gestures, you can open your apps like settings, music and google play via drawing a letter or numbers. 
Google Gesture Search Android App

MusiXMatch Android App

MusiXmatch is the best catching lyrics android app it deep dive into the world of song lyrics, when you are playing a song on your Android Smartphone it showing the notification on the bar of that same song lyric.

MusiXMatch Android App

Twitter Android App

Tweet with your Android Smartphone, Follow people and your interests to get unfiltered access and a unique behind the scenes perspectives. Express yourself with photos, videos and comments.

Twitter Android App

HaxSync Android App

HaxSync is a great Android app to sync your Facebook contacts photos to your phone contacts. It provides you up to 720x720 pixels resolution of the photo. Haxsync also provides to your Smartphone your friends' events or reminds you to wish them on their birthday.

HaxSync Android App

XE Currency Android App

The XE currency app is the best exchange rate, convert every world currency android app. You can see the live currency rates and charts on it, the best thing about this app is that you can calculate your price with a different currency.

XE Currency Android App

Google Current Android App

Recently google developers introduced Google currents android app, in this app google delivers you an RSS feed to your Android Smartphones with the amazingly like a magazine style layout, you just need to add subscribers through google currents. 

 Google Current Android App

Instagram Android App

Instagram is the best way to share your life with insta photos, you can capture your lovely moments into a insta filters with #hashtags for likes and follow your friends on instagram, In this app you can share your photos your your Facebook friends or Twitter followers. 

Instagram Android App

IMDb Android App

IMDb is best known for providing movie reviews, you can see the rating of the latest movie or also see the opening gross profit of the movie, search any movie review with your celebrities or film tags.

IMDb Android App

Expedia Android App

Expedia is a great and extremely simple way to look-up your destination or where you booked your hotel location everything regarding your trip for vacation, search 5star hotels, flights on Expedia app via your Android Smartphone.

Expedia Android App

Netflix Android App

Netflix is the world's leading subscription services for watching TV episodes and movies on your phones. This Netflix mobile application delivers the best experience anywhere, anytime.

Netflix Android App

Flixster Android App

Movie by Flixster is an all around awesome android app. You can watch high quality trailers, browse the top box office movies. Now that Flixster is linked to ultraviolet, you can also purchase even a ticket. 

Flixster Android App

Google Play Music Android App

Google play music is the easiest or best way to listen music on the android devices, most of the android devices have already integrated google play music, in this app you can also purchase songs from google play store, add up to 20,000 more songs from personal music favorite collection.

Google Play Music Android App

Book My Show Android App

Purchase online movie tickets through book my show mobile app, you can choose also the seats of the theater while buy movie tickets. You can also buy sports, live concerts and match tickets.

Book My Show Android App

Recipe Search Android App

Allthecooks recipe search has over 150K recipes, it is the best and easy way to make your dish at home with recipe search, find or submit your favorite recipes from your tablet or phone. People who love cooking at home-sweet-home they get following from people all around in the world.

Recipe Search Android App

SoundHound Android App

Soundhoud is a fast music recognition app, also it shows everything about your music search the artist, lyrics or even a YouTube video. You just tap a button of soundhound while you listening music songs on the speakers or radio, after listing soundhound app shows the result of your music song.

SoundHound Android App

Textplus Android App

Textplus is perfect for free SMS texting and inexpensive local and international calls. If your friends and family have the app, it's always free. Textplus works on popular Smartphones and tablets. Keeping in touch with friends and family around the world for free.

Textplus Android App

YouTube Android App

Browse videos or movies with YouTube most of the viral videos like Harlem shake uploads 1st on YouTube, you can subscribe your favorite channel and upload your videos on YouTube through your phone.

YouTube Android App

APP Lock Android App

App lock is a security of your app in which you set a password or pattern protection of your privacy app or messages. It is an easy and strong application that secure your privacy files.

APP Lock Android App

Google Translate Android App

Now you can translate more than 60 languages on your phone via google translator, you can speech a paragraph and select your converting language, or View dictionary results quickly. 
Google Translate Android App

AirDroid Android App

Airdroid is the best way to transfer your file to your Android Smartphone through computer or laptop with wifi speed. It can easily manage your phone data with airdroid you can browse your own phone.

AirDroid Android App

Dropbox Android App

Dropbox is a free service that lets you bring all your photos, docs and videos anywhere. After you install Dropbox on your computer, any file you save to your Dropbox will automatically save to all your computer, your android devices and even the Dropbox website.
Dropbox Android App

VLC for Android Android App

VLC media player is a free and open source cross-platform multimedia player that plays most multimedia files as well as disc, devices and network streaming protocols. 

VLC for Android Android App
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