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Awesome Concepts of Apple iPhone Music Player Apps

Awesome Concepts of Apple iPhone Music Players Apps

Here we grabbed some of best Music Player concepts apps for Apple iPhone and iPad from Bēhance Network. Every app Artist made has ultimate design graphics used for iOS Applications, Some of have retro look or some elegant and easy to use on iphone5. All the Concepts are incredible if you really want this stuff go to the link which you like the most and click on appreciate this button on below the post on their Bēhance link. If you are a music lover or Dj you will love these apps because it's so highly pixilated and believe us its be amazing looks, the graphics results on your new iphone5 retina display as well as iPad new generation. If you really like this post take a second to share this on social networks.

76 Synthesizer

76 synthesizer concept by Jonas Eriksson looks truly high graphical design on iPad retina display. It features eight different effects and three pads driven by two oscillators.

76 Synthesizer music app for ios


This Big Playlist View layout design by Jonathan Kelly, where each music song has ravishing photo-based stripe album art.

BeatLarge iphone music player

Carl Cox

This looks like a DJ mixer set up with the scratcher. Design made by Jonas Eriksson for iPad and iPhone.

Carl Cox DJ mixer iPhone app


Earbass is designed by Quintavious Shephard ably mix collaboration monochromatic vivid background concept, grid-based layout, bold soft typography and vibrant components with a subtle gradient. 

Earbass iphone app for free music


Flatplayer is a trendy style designed by Ehsan Rahimi, it has great featured like showing a playlist on below now playing song.

FlatPlayer music app for iphone users


Groove!  Is made by Tom Reinert, it has made beautiful black retro look with player control buttons.

Groove iphone app


This iPhone app is built by Abraham Vivas, this app is full of multicolor layout, it has a beautiful song gallery with social sharing buttons.

Interphono music app for listening songs

iOS Music Player

This elegant iPhone music player designed by Dmitriy Haraberush, this is really easy to use like android google play music.

iOS Music Player ipad , iphone

Swing Music App

This project seems dark theme usually for black iPhone create by Enes Danis, in this app you listen free music via online. 

Swing Music iphone App concept

Less than four days

We really like this retro, wooden look music player theme of iPhone. Less than four days by Abraham Vivas. This is so cool player and this is the best alternative for iTunes.
Less than four days wooden music theme for iphone

Mix Tape

MixTape App for iOS iPhone made by Marco Nenzi. It has realistic tape themed in the player like we listening cassette player  in 80's. 

MixTape cassette player iPhone app


Moodsnap by tom Junker fully relies on your emotional state and recreates appropriate graphics for current mood, it has great background look with control features.

Song app for iphone Moodsnap

MTV Mobile & App

This project concept idea is Andrew Couldwell, it is white based theme look clean and easy to use this player. 

MTV Mobile & App for iphone

Music App

This Music app is so easy it has big oldies black big CD with a retro look, this design made by Roy van Laar. 

retro old Music App for iphone

Music App Interface

Project made by Alex Bender, he uses a black background on the player to the grid view of playlist. They add a new feature favorite song on the main screen of the player.

Music App Interface for iphone

Music App UI

An elegant interface upcoming design with a white background music player for iphone5, this playful look cool funky and you guys love to enjoy after installing this app.

Music skin App UI for iphone

Music Player App

This mechanical dark theme music player app made by Emile Rohlandt. This is wonderfully injected luminous blue led graphics which instantly eye catching.  

awesome Music Player App for iphone

Music Player Application

Modern Style of a theme designed by Ernest Gerber conveys a soft and warm experience with purified buttons with pink combination. 

Music Player Application for iphone

My16 iPhone App

This design made by Maria Helena. Combination two colors darks and green streaks on the eyes, featuring voice search inbuilt, this is app is for independent rappers to have their own music.  

My16 iPhone App for music

New Music App

New MP3 Music Download songs App designed by Amit Rai looks elegant with background wallpaper and simple to use. Widgets are transparent there are only four buttons on the main screen search, share, home and like.

New Music iphone App

Night Fever App

Night Fever is an iPhone app that connects people to help them find the best place to be during their night out.

Night Fever iphone App for music


A new concept of iPhone music player designed by llya Boruhov. There is a feature uploaded to cloud in which you can sync songs wireless.

IPhone music Player

Radio Express iOS app

Martin Janek presents this beautiful design on bēhance network. It has a scroll for volume up and down with the play pause button in the middle. 

Radio Express iOS app

Ringtonium 3

Cool Design for making ringtones created by bamboo apps, it has a round scroll for volume up and down, steel look buttons with orange contrast combination.

Ringtonium 3

Ritmo Free Music App

Professional Visualized settings on your iPhone with ease enchant users,  When you knobs were down it glowing red when up it glow green. 
Ritmo Free Music App

Rocket Piano

This piano look style app built by Isabel Aracama. In this app gives you great opportunities for playing the piano. And also great resource of piano. 

Rocket Piano

Rocmo Music App

This Eco clean music player designed by Jeet Sean, Pretty clean theme with big controllers buttons.

Rocmo Music App

SoundBeats - Believe Your Ears

A New Fresh look theme based with soft graphics, Login to buy online music like iTunes.

SoundBeats - Believe Your Ears

T3 Player App

The player inspired by the designs of Dieter rams for Braun. T3 has simplified all the standard controls of a music player. Their design is similar to an old radio which has a navigation for play/pause just slide your finger on it.

T3 Player App

Turntable Player iPhone App

The picture shown like a Dj console, but its an iPhone app for disc jockey's including amazing metal knobs with disc driven.

Turntable Player iPhone App

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