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Comparing iPhone 6 Bend test With iPhone 6 Plus

Apple iphone 6 plus bending viral is came from youtube channel Unboxing Therapy. After 1 week of officially launched iphone 6, nine people complaints that new iphone 6 plus back Aluminum is bending in their jeans front pocket and then Unboxing Therapy made a video of bend test with the pressure of hands.  

Comparing iPhone 6 Bend test With iPhone 6 Plus

And now recently "Consumer Reports" upload a new video of the flexibility of iPhone 6 Scientifically on (Instron) machine and comparing with other good Android smartphones like HTC one M8, LG G3 & Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

And Here's the Result

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Bend weight test with other smartphones

That's Clear that Apple's new iPhone 6 is not the most Durable smartphone in the world nor HTC One M8.
You can Watch the Full bend test video below.

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