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Top 10 Small Business Phone Systems

In this big world there are millions of companies running good business, and their strong communication they use non expensive top small business phone cloud-based systems for their worldwide customers calls. In this advanced technology or modern time people are often using social sites, email and text messaging but most of the industries or share market brokers use their phones to daily communicate with customers and employees. If you are finding the best phone systems for your business, which including lots of features like call transferring, automated attendants, customisable voicemail messages, conference calls etc.
You must have a look on these Small Business VoIP and Phone Systems for your office.    

Top Small Business Phone Systems

1. Cisco

Cisco is an premier solution with numerous services and tools that greatly enhances your communication with customers and employees. 

Features : Cisco gives small business with all of the basic phone system features, including on-hold music and messaging, paging capabilities, call transferring and screening tools. It also can support up to 1,000 mailboxes, so each employee and customer has his or her own dedicated voicemail. 
cisco Top 10 Small Business Phone Systems

2. ESI

ESI is a powerful small-business phone system that can help you desired result communicate with your customers. It offers customizable tools to help you market your specific business, productivity options such as instant messaging.

Features : ESI can help you keep callers happy by providing an auto attendant to direct calls and minimise call transfer. It will also automatically transfer calls if one individual is busy or cannot take the call. 
ESI Top 10 Small Business Phone Systems

3. Nextiva 

Nextiva's cloud-based business phone system can enhance your company's communication by combining voice , conferencing, email, messaging and other components of communication and hosting them on the cloud so they are readily available at all times and places.

Features : Nextiva offers three different plan options for your phone system. With each plan you will receive a free local number and a free toll-free number. Unlimited calling is also included with all three plans.  

4. Toshiba

Toshiba's strata CIX is a business phone plan with advanced features, including mobile options and the ability to grow with your business. This small business phone solution provides multiple collaboration tools to help your employees easily transfer and share information with one another.

Features : Toshiba's largest plan can be handle 1,000 phones, the system offers of he basic calling features like caller ID, extension numbers, call transfers, customized voicemail and customized call hold messages. 


5. ShoreTel Sky

ShoreTel Sky is a small business phone solution with a full feature set and outstanding collaboration options. This solution offers computer and phone system integration tools so you can increase your employees productivity while they are taking phone calls. 

Features : ShoreTel Sky phone system also handle up to 1,000 users, and many other good features like call blocking, holds, caller ID and call transfer. Also there are call alerts that will notify you of any missed calls or any voicemails. 

ShoreTel Sky

6. 8x8 Virtual office

8x8 is a virtual office is much more than a basic telephone. This office telephone system allows you to enjoy telephone capabilities from your computer. VoIP technology to help you communicate with customers, and it provides numerous features to ensure your communication is hassle-free and your employees remain productive while on the telephone. 

Features : 8x8 allows You do receive all your voicemails and emails in one inbox so you never miss an important message again. 
8x8 Virtual office

7. Avaya IP Office

Avaya is a powerful business phone system that excels with its collaboration tools. This office phone system has the tool to enjoy voice and video features on all type of devices. It can also support up to 2,000 users. 

Features : instant messaging tools, voicemails, conference and communication services.

Avaya IP Office

8. FortiVoice by Fortinet

FortiVoice is a business telephone system by Fortinet that lets you use either the internet or a traditional telephone network to help you communicate with your customers. 

Features : The services offers all the basic calling features , such as calling ID and voicemail, and representatives are always there to help you.

FortiVoice by Fortinet

9. at&t

at&t is a best mobile connection in united states, it is an on-premise phone system for a small business. With only 100 users, it provides a large number of features with many basic and advanced connectivity tool.

Features: call transfers, an auto-attendant and customizable hold and voicemail recordings are all included with office phone solution.   

10. Vonage Business Solutions

Vonage Business solutions is a hosted telephone service for your small business. Using an internet connection and an IP phone or soft-phone, you and your employees can call and place calls. 

Features : Call transfers, call holding and customizable messages. 
Vonage Business Solutions

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