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7 Famous Tech Logos Before 90's

Logos are the important part of a company, A well designed logo gives good reputation to brand. Some of world's most popular technology companies like Apple, IBM and Microsoft made logos before 90's when they not so popular. One of the best shoes, brand NIKE paid $35 to develop their logo in 1975. Meanwhile, Pepsi paid the Arnell Group $1 million to develop its updated logo in 2008. We search 7 global famous Tech Company logos in the 90's and here these logos.  

7 Famous Tech Logos Before 90's


You have never seen this logo before, this is the first Apple Computer Co. Logo, unveiled in 1976.
In this logo a man is 'Isaac Newton' sitting alone under an apple tree, very different design from now.
This logo designed by Ronald Wayne, a founder of Apple, who sacrifice his 10% stock in the company as an $800 payment for his logo.   

Apple logo in 90s


In 1934 two Japanese inventors created a camera under the roof of the Precision Optical Instruments Laboratory. At that time the canon camera was known as Kwanon, named after the Buddhist Bodhisattva of Mercy. 

Canon logo in 90s

Motorola, Inc. 

Isn't this similar to Instagram photo app? Well A Chicago based Galvin Manufacturing Corporation released the wildly popular Motorola car radio in 1930. The name was a mixture of "motor and ola" popular for sound gear of that time.
Motorola logo in 90s


Knut Fredrik Idestam founded a wood-pulp mill in Finland and took the name of a nearby town. Nokia is also the Finnish word for a dark, furry weasel like animal. Since 1967 Nokia wood mill and finnish cable works. 
Nokia Logo in 90s


Microsoft founded by world's richest people Bill gates, chose this logo in 1970s, that the company name was Micro-Soft not Microsoft.   
Microsoft logo in 90's


The International Business Machines is an American multinational technology and consulting corporation Founded in 1991. 
IBM logo in 90s


Xerox is an American multinational document management corporation that produces and sells a range of color and black and white printers, In 1959 the world's first photocopier was released to the market. 
Xerox logo in 90s

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