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25 Keyboard Shortcuts Make Twitter Better

Here are some great keyboard shortcut hacks about twitter, so that you just type to open new window functionality. You don't have to need mouse anymore simply use your PC or laptop keyboard to apply actions, You never forget these finger tip shortcuts, every shortcut is easy to rememberable and consists of the first letter of the tweak. Make your social life better after using these tricks.

25 Keyboard Shortcuts Make Twitter Better


  1. N to compose a new tweet
  2. Ctrl + Enter to send a tweet 
  3. Escape to exit the compose window, or any other popup (not specific to twitter, but very handy)
  4. F to favorite a tweet
  5. R to reply to a tweet
  6. T to retweet a tweet
  7. M to send a direct message
  8. U to mute a user
  9. B to block a user
  10. Enter to open tweet details
  11. L to close all open tweets
25 Keyboard Shortcuts Make Twitter Better


  1. J to move the next tweet
  2. K to move the previous tweet
  3. Space to move down a page
  4. Shift+Space to move up a page
  5. . to bring up the next set of tweets and take you to the page
  6. / to go the Search box
25 Keyboard Shortcuts Make Twitter Better

Action with two buttons

  1. G then H for Home
  2. G then N for Notifications
  3. G then A for Activity
  4. G then R for Mentions
  5. G then D for Discover
  6. G then P for Profile
  7. G then F for Favorites
  8. G then L for Lists
  9. G then M for Messages
  10. G then S for Settings
  11. G then U for any user's timeline (pictured above; brings up the "Go to a person's profile" box where you can type in a person's name or twitter handle and hit Enter)
These two button action easy to remember if you think as G for Go and the next letter for wherever you want to navigate to (the first one is Go Home).

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