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4 Best Platforms of Augmented Reality

4 Best Platforms of Augmented RealityOvertime technological progress is growing with huge speed. Every year computer developers are testing new technologies, new programs and systems. Like Vuforia developer, other specialists are testing their systems and if it will work, they will set it out for sale.

4 Best Platforms of Augmented Reality

Vuforia wasn`t the first platform of its kind, but it is very smart and comfortable to use.
However, Vuforia is only instrumental platform working with smartphones. There are also platforms that could make other functions. Imagine that you are playing asgame character and he will do the same moves as you. To perform these actions you can test one of the platform. Here we have some of them.


4 Best Platforms of Augmented Reality

Prode is a platform to broadcast your commands to the character in the game. It will be the same effect as you give these commands on the keyboard, but at this point, you will do it by your moves. The one, but the great minus of Prode is its price. The platform is very expensive even though it works well without any troubles.


4 Best Platforms of Augmented Reality

ROVR is a VR-platform that could work with any laptop or PC with support of VR helmet. It has shape of cylinder without top part. You can get in it and do what you want: move in any direction, sit and jump, move your body and hands. When you walk, it feels like in real life because the platform has special sensors that you put on your shoes. With them, you cannot feel the difference between real and virtual walking.

With smart construction of ROVR, you won`t feel uncomfortable while using it. With the device, you will get soft Shim. With it you can set control to your keyboard if needed. Let`s remember that Vuforia developers made their platform like easy soft.

It`s interesting that designers and engineers were working on this platform since 2008. Because of long process, they have smart and easy device that has huge demand between customers.

4 Best Platforms of Augmented Reality

Strong device for people who do not want to sit in front of the computer for a long time. You can control your character by yourself without mouse or keyboard. You do not need special shoes (just wear socks) for it. Sensors will track your moves; fix the speed you are running at. You can also use VR helmet to go deep into reality of the game. You will see how your actions will reflect on the game. People who visited beta testing definition were shocked and told that it was great.
As you see, platforms like Vuforia are in demand, but sometimes people want more abilities for themselves so they use huge constructions, helmets and sensors to dive into the virtual world. 

Vuforia developers are working on upgrades for their product so very soon we will see a new part of augmented reality.

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